What a joy to receive this email after just a few sessions with a new client:

“I had some insights these days about the images and feelings we feel. I actually call this our inner voice. The only person who can make me feel bad, hurt, offended, angry, sad or jealous is ME!

“No one and no thing outside of me can make me feel bad or hurt unless I let it in, unless I believe it and take it as true. This goes for our inner voice as well. It is our voice that repeats to us what is being said from the outside of us or repeats things from the past, from memory. If the inner voice would be silent, we would be totally at peace.

“Our state of mind is like a still pond, to which only we have access. Our inner voice is the stick with which we disturb the pond, muddying it, when we believe something from outside of us, our inner voice or something from our past.

“Our inner voice generates interpretations of every event in our life, that is its job. I’m guessing it does that for survival reasons. In our distant past survival was no joke.

“This is fascinating! I’m in awe when realizing this! I’m speechless…

“Thank you.”
Gabi, Bucharest

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