When I think of Olivia, I think of “unconditionally loving presence”.  She had survived a stroke that paralyzed the left side of her body, and a physical therapist colleague referred her to me.  Olivia was able to move from her motorized scooter to her chair, but she needed some assistance getting in and out of bed. She was able to drive, but would only drive to specific locations close to her home. She would not drive past a boundary that she had created.

She was interested in energy healing, and she received great benefit from Holoenergetic Healing processes that I facilitated with her.  I would often stay beyond my scheduled physical therapy session to do an energetic healing with her.  The first time I facilitated the Holoenergetic Forgiveness process with her, she revisited a time when she was four years old and on a merry-go-round.  When the ride was over, she got off on the opposite side from where she got on. Her mother was not there.  And, she became terrified that she was lost.  Although she was soon reunited with her mother, that fear of feeling lost stayed with her for 75 years! 

During the Forgiveness process, she forgave herself for thinking that she could ever be lost.  When I asked how she was feeling on a subsequent visit, she shared that she began driving to places that she had never been to before.  She spontaneously began to drive outside of her regular boundaries.  She told me that she had lived for 75 years in fear of being lost and that since the Holoenergetic Forgiveness process she was aware that she could never be lost.  She also shared that she could never be lost from God.  I witnessed her inner knowing of her eternal connection with God and her expanded experience of inner peace. 

And, in this moment, I’m aware of my eternal connection with Olivia in the sea of oneness. 

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