After four 30-minute sessions with my client Melanie, I received this email from her:

“I’ve spent the last 10 years in bed on Mother’s Day… due to the loss of my first-born and the loss my mom. This year I’ve made a decision to be PRESENT! I have children that love me, they appreciate what I’ve done for them and I’ve made the decision to make it the best ever! I know my daughter, and my mom, are up above watching and wanting the best for us!  I’m no longer going to let a day go by that I don’t celebrate our moments!!! Thank you!”

Her message continued…

“Ellen, I didn’t come from much and I don’t have much… but what I do have is more than I’ll ever need!! Love!!  Love of myself, from my children, from others… it’s a testimony of my life!!!”

“So today on my way to work, I was thinking and reflecting on my day and what needed to get done. I smiled and said out loud, ‘I love whom I am! I love what I represent!’  Ellen… that’s huge! I can honestly say that I love me… all 247 lbs. … all mishaps, all mistakes and all of me. I love me! I love that I have a big heart.  I love that I see the best in others.  I love that I always see the silver lining.  I love that I want the best for others, and I love that my life is mine! You’ve shown me so much in such a small time.  You are so remarkable and have played a huge part in me gaining myself back! I don’t want this to end!! Life is so beautiful … in bad times and good…. life has so much to offer!!! I so owe you more than you’ll ever know! Thank you, thank you for taking a chance on me!!!  I’m ecstatic for the summer!!!  Oh the places I’ll go! (My favorite book by Dr. Seuss)”

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