Living from Simplicity

It’s That Simple

The journey of living from simplicity

Join us in this journey as together we will experience living life knowing that we all are divinely engineered, that we really do have everything that we need and following inner guidance easily and effortlessly.

Divine inspiration guided Azul and Ellen to express to Mavis Karn, on the same day, to offer a book club. We were thrilled when Mavis connected us to co-facilitate this program!  We are committed to supporting people in experiencing transformation through living from the inside out in the most simple but profound way.

“The secret is that you are already a completely whole, perfect person. You are not damaged goods, you are not incomplete, you are not flawed, you are not unfinished, you do not need remodeling, fixing, polishing or major rehabilitation. You already have within you everything you need to live a wonderful life. You have common sense, wisdom, genius, creativity, humor, self-esteem… you are pure potential… you are missing nothing.”  – Mavis Karn
What has shifted for Azul:

I’m grateful for having Mavis as my mentor and friend, as well as supporting her in the process of creating her book. This guided me to a real and deeper understanding of how to live my life in a simple, peaceful, creative,  insightful, and wisdom-guided way.

What has shifted for Ellen:

Through my mentoring with Mavis, all the ideas of the Three Principles understanding has shifted into living from the feeling. I’m in awe of how naturally and lovingly I am responding to life.

Life gets easier when you understand the rules of the game.

Nine sessions of 90 minutes each.  
Our last session with be with Mavis Karn and Michael Neill
Wednesdays March 15th – May 10th 
12pm Pacific (PDT)
3pm Eastern (EDT)
7pm UK (GMT) (Note: first 2 sessions only)
8pm UK (BST)
Fee $129 USD
All sessions will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours.

* New group for different time zones *
Thursdays April 13 – June 8 
5pm Pacific (PDT)
8pm Eastern (EDT)
10am Sydney (AEST) [Fridays April 14 – June 9]

About Ellen

Ellen generously shares from her decades of experiences learning and growing.  She appreciates the many teachers who have pointed her toward living life from her essential nature. Her colleagues and clients have also been a valuable and meaningful part of her journey. It is her joy to connect, listen and guide others toward their innate wellbeing.  Ellen is excited to collaborate with Azul in this exploration!

About Azul

I’m a transformative coach, I work with individuals and groups all around the world. I’m a mentor, guide, and consultant for other coaches and organizations. I love being in service and joining any opportunity that leads us to a deeper understanding of our True Nature and the simplicity of how we create our experiences in life. This time I´m having the pleasure of joining Ellen and all of you to keep learning together.

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