I facilitated a group Holoenergetic® Healing Forgiveness at my home and I can still picture in my mind exactly where Darlene was sitting in my living room.  A few days later she called me to say that she had forgiven her two adult children who had not spoken to each other in three years.  She also told me she did the process with her son, whom she had not spoken with for the same three years.

The day following the Holoenergetic Forgiveness session, “for no apparent reason” her children had a spontaneous conversation with each other for the first time in three years. This brought home to her how immediately and thoroughly the forgiveness process could create results.  Interestingly, while forgiveness worked splendidly in this case, her son never contacted her, and years later the two still hadn’t spoken.

However, forgiveness worked in this case too, because the process freed her from the pain she felt being out of communication with her son.  She freed herself from the attachment and belief that her communication with her son should be any different that it was.  Now years later, she continues living in the knowing that her relationship with her son is eternal and God is present for them all.

Darlene’s story is a beautiful example of the energetic power of Holoenergetic Forgiveness as well as the power of the eternal love and support of God.

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