“Your work with me did what years of therapy didn’t do.  Thank you.”

You can imagine how gratified I felt when I received that email from Emily, who had been a client for less than two months when she sent that message.  Prior to our work together, she had only driven once over the past four years — and it had been two years since that time.

She was terrified driving because FEAR had become the driving force in her life.  Not that there weren’t reasons to be afraid, considering she was living with an abusive spouse.  So I assisted Emily by having her visualize herself in the car, remembering the ease and joy she experienced driving in the past.  Driving had been something she did daily without even thinking about it.  I reminded her it was only her fearful thoughts that kept her out of the car.  Next I had her sit in the car and visualize driving to the general store ten minutes from home.  Next step was driving around the driveway.  And then finally she did it; Emily drove to the general store.  Then she drove to other places in her town.  Fearful thoughts were overcome and overridden by engaged action and FREEDOM!  Although Emily’s living situation has not changed, she lives is greater inner peace and freedom with a deeper understanding of the gift of thought.

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