I support people in strengthening their relationship with themselves and with others as they heal beyond a physical dis-ease or illness.

Anna shared,  “I feel like you are the only person on the planet who can help me through this journey, however it ends.  I think of all of the people alone with their thoughts without someone to guide them.  You are fearless.  Everyone – doctors, family, friends – has their own agenda.  The only agenda you have is for me to
learn what my agenda is.  You rock at the most important time in a person’s life!”

Anna was staying with relatives in Arizona as she was receiving integrative medical treatment for her diagnosis of breast cancer.  When her mother learned about my work with people healing cancer, she asked me to meet with her daughter.  Anna shared with me her fear of living, and her fear of dying.  She was taking anti-anxiety medication to calm herself before receiving treatment, and felt confused and overwhelmed with all the decisions regarding her treatment options.  She was also struggling with her relationship with her husband and with herself.  Her frequent self-talk was, “I don’t know what to do.”  I observed that she was not honoring herself or her desires.  She habitually focused on doing for others, and obsessed about how others felt about the decisions she was making about her own life. Focusing on what others think about us will certainly lead to mental confusion!

During our work together, Anna learned to listen to herself and honor her desire to simplify her life.  I helped her learn to heed her own desires and she created her own self-care practices.  She started making decisions that supported her needs rather than the needs of others.  She created a healing sanctuary in her home where she was able to live peacefully until her passing.

Anna changed treatment facilities and stopped needing medication to calm herself before treatment.  A few months later, she retuned to California for further treatment.  After her cancer metastasized, she sent me a text saying, “I wake up happy every day because of your coaching.”  I was fortunate to visit her in California and witness her transformation living joyfully and carefree.  I will remember when I shared my amazement of her shift to inner peace while close to the end of her life.  Her transformation from fear to living carefree and “healing beyond disease” is a memory that I will cherish my whole life.

I would have paid her to witness her transform from fear to living carefree.

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