A grateful client in Arizona
As a result of working with you and participating in the small group intensives my relationship to body pain, injury and mental health has taken a quantum leap. 
I want to share an insightful breakthrough. Yesterday I fell hard onto the patio carrying a basket of laundry. My sandal caught the concrete edge, I went headfirst in slow motion. Bam… there was nothing to do. 
Of course, the critical judge was loud in my head… ‘how could you be so careless?’ ‘OMG I don’t need this right now!!’ etc. 
The next thought was Ellen’s story of her serious ankle injury and a miraculous speedy recovery. Wisdom reminded me how reacting out of fear and self condemnation would have one effect or I could align with my innate inner healer. Tuning inward I was lovingly guided towards self care. Today I’m sore but enjoyed the weekend anyway. The main thing is I’m not suffering. This week I’ll get an appointment with my practitioner for treatment. 
I’m learning to be open and to trust the flow of life.
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