She Was Floored By Her Ability to Get Up

During the “days of awe” in 2017, someone in my spiritual community reminded me of a story that happened 10 years ago.  I was assisting someone who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  As part of my expertise as a physical therapist, I had extensive...

Fearful Driver Drives Out Fear and Finds Freedom

“Your work with me did what years of therapy didn’t do.  Thank you.” You can imagine how gratified I felt when I received that email from Emily, who had been a client for less than two months when she sent that message.  Prior to our work together, she had only driven...

How to Become a “Fulfillionaire”

Sometimes it’s not physical pain my clients are dealing with but the deeper “ache” for transformation.  That’s why I say I assist people who want to transform their lives and create greater fulfillment – and become a fullfillionaire! When...
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